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About Me

Welcome! I’m Aleta I do many things.  All the experts say pick one thing and be good at it.  Good strategy, but what if you don’t want to pick?

I love art, travel, design, events, and numbers.  I can’t pick just one so I dabble in a lot of different things.  The thing I am most good at – making things pretty.

I am a full time finance professional and a part time graphic designer and event planner/decorator.  I have a few etsy shops that cater to my many interests. Whatever time I have left, I love on my family and I wander.  My favorite pastime is travel.

Travel [50statesand7continents.com]

My main passion is travel and I plan to see all 50 states and all 7 continents.  I’m only a fraction into my goal but so far I’ve had some amazing trips home and abroad and have visited my favorite place on earth – PARIS! – a total of four times.

Graphic Design [triggdesignstudio.com]

I have been a graphic designer for just about 20 years. I have never know a time when I didn’t love art.  Colors, shapes, textures – it all just draws me in and I get excited. I love being creative.  Whether DIY, digital, print, web based or mixed media – I do it all.

Event Planning and Decorating [events]

Who doesn’t love a good party.  I do for sure.  I started out planning my own parties and people loved my designs so much, I started planning for others.  Some clients I plan the whole event while others I just do the decor.

Please contact me here with any questions, comments, quote requests or general inquiries. I look forward to hearing with you.

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