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About Me

Welcome! I’m Aleta, a Jane of all Trades.  All the experts say pick one thing and be good at it.  Good strategy, but what if you don’t want to pick?

I love art, travel, design, events, and numbers.  I can’t pick just one so I dabble in a lot of different things.  The thing I am most good at – making things pretty.  So that’s my one thing.

I am a full time finance and operations director and a part time graphic designer and event planner/decorator.  I have a few etsy shops that cater to my many interests. Whatever time I have left, I love on my family and I wander.  My favorite pastime is travel.

Travel [50statesand7continents.com]

My main passion is travel and I plan to see all 50 states and all 7 continents.  I’m only a fraction into my goal but so far I’ve had some amazing trips home and abroad and have visited my favorite place on earth – PARIS! – a total of four times.

Graphic Design [triggdesignstudio.com]

I have been a graphic designer for just about 20 years. I have never know a time when I didn’t love art.  Colors, shapes, textures – it all just draws me in and I get excited. I love being creative.  Whether DIY, digital, print, web based or mixed media – I do it all.

Event Planning and Decorating [events]

Who doesn’t love a good party.  I do for sure.  I started out planning my own parties and people loved my designs so much, I started planning for others.  Some clients I plan the whole event while others I just do the decor.


I create digital art collages using my travel photos as a base as well as mixed media canvases incorporating dried flowers and greenery.

Farming [triggpittmanfamilyranch.com]

My long range retirement plan is to own a dairy farm with my husband on the gulf coast of Mississippi.  Both my husband and my father were born and raised in Mississippi and I spent many summers there as a child.  After a 30 year absence, I went back to visit about 8 years ago and and fell in love.  We plan on raising goats and sheep and produce and sell high quality cheese.

Please contact me here with any questions, comments, quote requests or general inquiries. I look forward to hearing with you.

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